Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


Purpose of NDA:  When disclosing Confidential Information that the owner of the Confidential Information wants protected from third-party disclosure.  The obligations to protect the Confidential Information can be one-way (i.e., unilateral) or two-way (i.e., reciprocal).  We offer standard and custom definitions of Confidential Information.  Lastly, our Expanded NDA gives you the option to add additional, more advanced terms and conditions to your NDA.

Our NDA is available in three sizes:  Simple (1-Page), Standard (2-Page), and Expanded (2-Page+).


Simple (1-Page):  The 1-Page NDA is a simple NDA, fitting on one page and including only the most basic terms, which are the following:

  • Definition of Confidential Information;
  • Obligation to maintain confidentiality;
  • Return or destroy Confidential Information upon request; and
  • Right to injunctive relief.

Standard (2-Page):  Our Standard (2-Page) NDA covers all of the items included in the Simple (1-Page) NDA, as well as the following terms:

  • Exclusions (i.e., Confidential Information does not include public domain, prior knowledge, information from third-parties, and independent development);
  • Compelled disclosure; and
  • General legal terms:
    • Non-assignment;
    • Non-waiver of rights;
    • Savings clause; and
    • Choice of law and venue.

Expanded (2-Page+):  The expanded NDA offers additional, advanced provisions for your NDA.  We start with our Standard (2-Page) agreement, and then you choose which items you would like to include.  Available provisions include the following:

  • Custom definition of confidential information included and/or excluded;
  • Non-solicitation clause;
  • Non-compete clause;
  • Limitation of liability
  • Disclaimer of warranties;
  • Choice of law;
  • Choice of venue; and
  • Additional space for your deal-specific terms.

Additional information

Downloadable file includes:

– Welcome Letter
– Contract in DOCX version, fillable
– Contract in PDF version, blank
– Sample of contract with fields filled out, in PDF

Product Type



Simple (1-Page), Standard (2-Page), Expanded (2-Page +)

Definition of Confidential Information

Standard, Custom

Confidentiality Obligations

One-Way, Reciprocal


Include, Do not include


Include, Do not include

Disclaimer of Warranties

Include, Do not include

Limitation of Liability

Include, Do not include